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Information is Power!

Better Planning. Better Management. Better Application Performance. In order to get Business and IT working together, the organizational team needs to deliver accurate information to the appropriate team members in a timely manner.

  • Who needs it?
  • What do they need?
  • Why do they need it?
  • When do they need it?
  • How do they get it?

It starts with Better Planning. First you need to understand the business goals and objectives and then translate them into the optimal requirements for driving business, application, information, management and technical architecture. It's a cycle of cause and effect that ripples through the layers of a business - a business objective drives a business process which in turn is supported by applications and services whose requirements are derived from the business objectives. But the applications and services also have non-functional requirements that must to met. The Planning process results in an application design that will: 1) meet the business goals and objectives, 2) meet the performance requirements dictated by the goals and objectives, and 3) meet the information requirements to assure the cohesive integration of business and IT.

It ends with Better Management. The resulting application architecture is translated into operational requirements that Business and IT operations teams can use to understand the performance requirements of the application in addition to the application components and how they are mapped to the IT infrastructure. The end result empowers delivery of accurate information to the appropriate people in a timely manner to both the Business and IT operations teams.

Better Application Performance is the result of a disciplined planning process along with a better application management approach. While best of breed technology is selected to assure that software and hardware performance will support the performance goals of the business application, when the application is deployed into a shared infrastructure resource, operational characteristics are different than in the pristine testing systems that are used for system and user acceptance testing. Given operational knowledge of the application (documented in the Management Architecture), operations personnel are able to quickly remedy any performance issues that occur in a timely manner.

Better Planning + Better Management + Better Application Performance = Better Results!

It’s a continuous lifecycle process that will reduce costs, decrease time to market and increase efficiency for Business and IT! Information is key and provides the operational feedback to assure that the Application is meeting business goals and objectives that starts with excellent planning and results in operational excellence.

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iBIT has helped us better understand the application lifecycle steps needed to be undertaken as we move towards modernizing our existing, customer-facing applications and addressing new functionality, while preparing us for the next phase of growth in our business."

- Joel Jaeger, CEO, Commodity Update, LLC