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Is your IT function aligned with the business? Keeping technology initiatives in line with the business is an issue faced by every organization and an issue that must be checked every few years as business situations and workforce skill needs change demanding that business and IT are aligned with business goals. A strategic alignment maturity assessment will measure how well your organization will effectively plan for the future.

The 21st Century is marked by the continued penetration of IT into all facets of the organization. Businesses cannot function without IT enabling/driving every activity, from traditional back-office systems to strategic services that interact with customers and external partners. With the global business environment, organizations, and technology continuing to experience dramatic transformation at an accelerated pace, the role of IT has become increasingly more complex and challenging. To assure you are set for these changes, a set of best practices taught by prominent academics, practitioners, and management consultants on the client's site, will prepare IT thought leaders and business executives for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Cloud offerings are delivered in many different models and services: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Business Process as a Service, etc. Selecting the right model is important to your business based on business and technical requirements whether a single Cloud functionality is required or a number of Cloud providers are used as part of an SOA-based composite business application. Making sure that the entire application lifecyle is addressed, including operational management, will assure business flexibility and agility and business and IT performance criteria are met.

If business and IT are aligned and understand the common business goals and objectives of IT solution delivery, information will be the key component that will assure that business and IT metrics are delivered back to the business. Think of it as a feedback loop to assure that the business is realizing maximum performance benefits that are associated with the real-time operation of a composite business application, including both business and technical metrics. Based on Enterprise Architecture concepts, Information Architecture contains the business and IT requirements for information and how it will be delivered to the appropriate team members, including the management technology required to meet the information needs.

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iBIT has helped us better understand the application lifecycle steps needed to be undertaken as we move towards modernizing our existing, customer-facing applications and addressing new functionality, while preparing us for the next phase of growth in our business."

- Joel Jaeger, CEO, Commodity Update, LLC