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Services Offerings: Operational Management

How do you monitor services? With a business context given to service implementations, it is key for both business and IT to understand how these services are performing both from an IT and a business perspective. SOA monitoring and management strategy and assessment provides actionable changes to assure that the business and IT are getting the most out of their service implementations that are used by composite business applications.

What are your critical and mission-critical business applications? Do you monitor and manage them differently than other non-critical applications? Critical or mission-critical applications are the lifeblood of the enterprise and require a different monitoring and monitoring strategy than other non-critical applications.

Whether it is a single instance of a Cloud or a Cloud Service that is part of a composite business application, monitoring and management is key to assure that defined SLA's are met and workload management processes match application demands.

Do your application managers and IT managers agree that application performance is being met? Starting with the “To Be” and assessing the “As Is” assures that both application and IT managers are on the same wavelength. Gaps and overlaps need to be eliminated in order to efficiently and effectively connect IT and application managers.

With SOA composite business applications, it makes sense that both business and IT should have their same common views of the critical and mission critical business applications. There is more at stake, such as customer experience, risk due to transaction loss, poor transaction performance resulting in lost business, that requires a more detailed analysis of synchronizing business and technical information and providing it to the appropriate operations teams. Business and IT operations need to be assured that they each have accurate, appropriate information in order to assure business and application performance.

Do your application monitoring and management systems provide appropriate information to business and technical application stakeholders? There are many components of a composite business application that require monitoring, including end user monitoring through technology-based transaction instance monitoring. Accurate requirements and the appropriate monitoring and management architecture will assure that business and IT information needs are met.

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iBIT has helped us better understand the application lifecycle steps needed to be undertaken as we move towards modernizing our existing, customer-facing applications and addressing new functionality, while preparing us for the next phase of growth in our business."

- Joel Jaeger, CEO, Commodity Update, LLC