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WSO2 Proof of Technology

How should I start evaluating a commercially supported, open source middleware solution? How can open source software alternatives can be included as part of an evaluation process? It is common practice to implement a Proof of Concept (POC) in order to choose the most appropriate technology for a project. Commercial vendors view POC’s as a normal part of their business, where pre-sales efforts are provided at no cost in order to demonstrate the vendor’s capabilities.

Open source software is licensed at no cost to the customer so there is significant financial incentive to evaluate the use of open source software for a project. Evaluating open source software solutions as part of a POC will be hard to justify since commercial vendors will perform POC’s “for free” and consultants or system integrators need to perform a POC “for fee”. Even with the benefit of no software license costs for open source software, there is no assurance that an open source solution for a specific project would be evaluated. There needs to be a different starting point such that the functionality of the open source software is known and there is enough information to justify the inclusion of open source as part of the evaluation process.

That's why iBIT developed the WSO2 Proof of Technology, a two day technical seminar with lecture and lab sessions to accelerate your knowledge on WSO2 middleware. The Proof of Technology makes use of a reference application to deliver application life cycle and technical perspectives of using WSO2 open source middleware.

Download the iBIT Proof of Technology brochure to learn more about this seminar.

Contact us at info@ibitcon.com for pricing and scheduling.

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iBIT has helped us better understand the application lifecycle steps needed to be undertaken as we move towards modernizing our existing, customer-facing applications and addressing new functionality, while preparing us for the next phase of growth in our business."

- Joel Jaeger, CEO, Commodity Update, LLC