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Services Offerings: Application, Middleware and Infrastructure Flexibility

Application Stack

SMB customers have limited budgets to invest in IT. Because of these budget limitations, cost-effective options for hosting new business applications are required. New SOA-based applications are hosted on the WSO2 open source middleware platform. To choose the optimal infrastructure for hosting the application and middleware stack depends on several factors which are taken into account during the iBIT Application Consulting Services phase. Flexible options, along with the full-featured WSO2 middleware platform, assure that your business goals and objectives will be well-supported by your technology.

SOA Business Application

Your business success and competitiveness depend on the ability to respond quickly to change. You have decided to go down the road of integrating your on-premises and SaaS-based solutions. But what architectural style will be part of the agility and flexibility that you need? Most SaaS solutions are based on a Service Oriented Architecture architectural style that allows them to be easily integrated into composite business applications. The output of the Enterprise Architecture process details requirements for the integration needs of your applications. Some on-premises applications may need to be service-enabled: they need to be easily and flexibly integrated into an SOA Business Application. That allows the application to integrate information and becomes the application and integration hub, resulting in streamlined, high performing applications meeting your business goals and objectives. What makes a difference is an agile, flexible and elastic middleware platform that provides the capabilities needed to assure application functionality and performance.

It's not just about streamlining your applications. SOA helps you to respond quickly and decisively when your market conditions change, your competitors change and your customers change. Application management can be provided through iBIT Application Managed Services.

Middleware Platform as a Service – PaaS

Middleware is the plumbing that makes your applications work. Commercially supported, open source middleware software from WSO2 is used as the underlying ‘plumbing’ technology platform for your SOA Business Applications. WSO2 middleware is comprised of numerous functional components, and supports multi-tenant implementations to give you the advantage of a pay-as-you-go Cloud services hosting capability.

WSO2 provides a full middleware technology stack that includes business process management, business activity management, enterprise service bus, application server and many more middleware components. These middleware technologies can be deployed on-premises, or in private or public cloud environments, depending on preferences and needs. Financial and budget considerations can influence the choice of infrastructure platform for hosting the WSO2 PaaS environment. Management of this platform is provided through iBIT Application Managed Services

Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service offers many options for hosting the WSO2 PaaS middleware environment. Hosted environments include public cloud (e.g., Amazon Web Services), private cloud (e.g., VMWare used with commodity server hardware) or a combination of private and public cloud options known as hybrid clouds. Selecting the right IaaS solution for hosting a middleware platform and application environment is based on the results of the initial planning processes. Customer preferences, application performance or security requirements are taken into account in the selection of the appropriate IaaS platform. Management of this platform is provided through iBIT Application Managed Services.

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iBIT has helped us better understand the application lifecycle steps needed to be undertaken as we move towards modernizing our existing, customer-facing applications and addressing new functionality, while preparing us for the next phase of growth in our business."

- Joel Jaeger, CEO, Commodity Update, LLC